About Us

Peter Pelzer became involved in viticulture 35 years ago, initially from an interest in plants. What began as a hobby grew into what is now a 3-hectare vineyard. Over the years, he has gained a real insight into both viticulture and vinification.


He mistrusted commercial crop protection agents from day one, and developed a feeling for natural solutions. Although he initially worked with natural pesticides, the past 15 years have convinced him that micro-organisms are the real solution to many viticultural issues.


His son Chris opted to join Domein Aldenborgh in 2017, following a study in biology at Nijmegen, the Netherlands (specialising in plant-microbe interactions). Their combined experience and insight from theory and practice lead to the continued sophistication of the Aldenborgh-approach.

Our vineyard is located on the south flank of the Boerenberg in Eys, a village in the Dutch province of Zuid-Limburg. The principality of Liège had its own vineyard at the Eys enclave until the end of the 16th century. Our estate’s name, Aldenborgh, refers to the old borg at this location: a stronghold, also known as a motte-and-bailey castle. While the structure itself is gone, the ramparts are visible to this day. Our vineyard is directly below the former motte-and-bailey castle, which we also feature on the labels of our bottles – ensuring the borg and its wealth of wine-related history are preserved.