The Arbustum: the refinement of an organic vineyard

The wine grape is a climbing plant and therefore needs support in its growth. Numerous systems are used in viticulture to support the grapevine's growth. In the vast majority of vineyards, regardless of the growing and pruning method, wooden, concrete or galvanized posts are used. At Domain Aldenborgh we give an old growth method a new look. In this article you can read about our Arbustum. Read more

Organic Dutch Wine

Only naturally occurring substances are used in the production of organic wine. Any product necessary for the production of organic wine must be approved by the local certification body. In the Netherlands, FIBL Switzerland is responsible for the authorization of fertilizers and crop protection products. The SKAL annually checks all organically certified farmers for their substance use. They also collect leaves from grapevines to be analyzed by a laboratory for spraying agents. Read more